TamilCook.com website aimed to provide the delicious recipes in Tamil and English.

All the recipes are categorized into various sub topics like Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Sweets and Snacks.

The recipes are written by people who enjoy cooking and wanted to share their recipes with everyone.

Most of the recipes are in Tamil and English and we are keep on adding a lot more.

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What we have?

  • TamilCook.com site aims to provide delicious recipes from various Indian Cuisines.
  • Currently we have more than 500 recipes in English and Tamil.
  • Recipes are categorized by Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian. Also there are sepearte categories for Indian Snacks and Sweets. Each category also has multiple sections to classify the recipes further. For example various types of curries are categorized under side-dishes and similary Briyani and Rice Items are in different sections.
  • Most of the recipes are sourced from the family and friends of the authors and we are continuously adding more recipes. Also we have recipes from some of the popular culinary experts including Mallika Badrinath and Chef Dhamu.
  • We are also adding Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits for most of the Vegetables, Grains and Fruits.

How to find a recipe?

  • All the recipes are categorized into Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Snacks and Sweets. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes are further classified into several individual sections sucu as Rice Dishes, Tiffin, Chutney, Gravy, Biriyani, Soup and Side-dishes. Similary these classifications are applied in categorizing the recipes in Tamil as well.
  • The best way find a recipe quicker is using the Search bo provided at the top of the page. This search is powered by “Google Custom Search” to provide the best possible results for your search queries.

How to contribute?

If you are interested in sharing your recipes with the tamil cook community here are some steps to do so.

  1. Send us your recipe through the contact page and we will post it on behalf of you(With your name as author).
  2. Or contact us to create a user id in tamilcook.com, which will enable you to write your recipes in the UI provided there and post it.